About Me & the Music

Twenty-two years of experience in sound design, composing, broadcasting, and delivery of creative audiovisual ideas and solutions. An artistic force for team-oriented organizations dedicated to creating innovative, compelling content and developing customer relationships. Expertise in digital audio workstations and recording equipment. Exceptional composing abilities as well as sharp writing skills for news, commercial copy and sports media. Voice-over artist for hundreds of commercials.



I write a sportsy blog: HappyGoSnarky


"Prospero the Great"

Magic swirls around in this game reminiscent of "The Prestige" and "The Illusionist".




"Aladdin's Luck"

Authentic Arabic instruments mixed with a modern beat, this is a piece used in the bonus game.



 "Sky Pirates"

All-time top five. Maybe all-time top three. Dubstep dance for a steampunk ship.



"Win With 7s"

Another classic casino-style funk jazz piece. Found a great loop that sounds right out of 1980s Morris Day & the Time, so I sliced & diced it into the piece. Also: trombone solo!