Current Gigs:

I compose music for video slot machines in a wide variety of styles. I'm huge in Mexico.

Create sound design for pew-pew video games.

Write, voice, and produce a gazillion radio commercials.

And occasionally make dance remixes.


About Me & the Music

Twenty-four years of experience in sound design, composing, broadcasting, and delivery of creative audiovisual ideas and solutions. 



I write a sportsy blog: HappyGoSnarky


"Prospero the Great"

Magic swirls around in this game reminiscent of "The Prestige" and "The Illusionist".




"Win With 7s"

Another classic casino-style funk jazz piece. Found a great loop that sounds right out of 1980s Morris Day & the Time, so I sliced & diced it into the piece. Also: trombone solo!